Mitesh Chauhan


Mitesh Chauhan joined Gibson Thornley Architects in 2017, drawn by the variety of projects in the portfolio and the possibility, through them, of reaching a wider and more diverse community. Since then he has worked on projects of many different types, developing a particular skill in taking complex historic buildings and urban design proposals through the planning process. His ability to collaborate with multiple consultants and stakeholders has been essential to the success of Gibson Thornley’s projects at urban and citymaking scale.

Outside the practice, Mitesh was non-executive director of the Canning Town Caravanserai, a self-build community project in Newham, for several years. He is now a lead collaborator with the Architectural Social Club, a design collective specialising in installations.

For Mitesh, good architecture is memorable but sensitive to its context, and adaptable for growth and change over the longer term.