Jamie Bugler


Jamie Bugler joined Gibson Thornley Architects in 2021, wanting to work with a young, dynamic studio practicing across a range of building typologies. He was particularly drawn by the office’s interest in the putting together of buildings, their detailing and materiality. Since then, he has worked on both commercial and residential projects, and has become Gibson Thornley’s sustainability champion, leading an internal steering group on environmental design.

Before joining the practice, Jamie had gained significant experience as a retail interior designer in the fashion industry, and his work across four continents now informs his interest in low-carbon materials and collaborations with makers including joinery specialists, sculptors and metalworkers. In 2018 he presented his masters project on waste-based, low-carbon materials at the Royal Society of Arts.

Jamie believes good architecture is low carbon, honest about its materials and precisely detailed, and has a thoughtful relationship to place.